Peoples’ of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic Address to the International Community

We the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic turn to the international community at a critical juncture calling for immediate help and adequate reaction to the developments on our land — given the impending threat of our elimination by the Nazi and fascist forces employed by the Ukrainian regime.

We state that our sole desire is life in accordance with our historical traditions and foundations, culture and customs, in peaceful and good neighbor relations with all the nations, peoples and states that are not hostile to us. Intrinsically our people are hardworking and creative, but even so they have to take arms in order to protect their lives and future, as there is no other choice left. We have never displayed aggression towards any country or nation, nor have we ever sought expansion or acquisition of foreign land. But when it comes to our land and our families, we have stood and will stand for them till the end. We have already seen it in history. We saw it during the World War II when hordes of fascist invaders stormed our peaceful land. At the expense of an immense number of victims and colossal efforts the Soviet Union in alliance with the other countries standing on guard of peace in the world overcame Hitler’s fascism that had brought sorrow and bloodshed to our lands. And now, after more than 70 years, the plague of fascism is on the rise again. There is no need in citing innumerable acts where the essence of fascism is manifest that we find today in Ukraine. Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnitskiy, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk and many other cities and towns are bleeding today with the blood of our civilians, who are guilty just because they have made a stand against a man-hateful policy of the self-proclaimed Ukrainian authorities having come to power through violent means.

Today we have no other choice but for to die refusing to surrender to man-hating fascists or to unite defending our lives and lives of our wives, children and the old, and we choose the struggle. But we are well aware that our struggle, no matter how well prepared we are, will be most bitter without the help of the international community standing on guard of peace on Earth.

According to the information that we have received from the reliable sources, the current Ukrainian authorities together with the USA are now preparing for the massive mopping-up operation on our land. They will have no mercy to women and children. This fascist scenario is scheduled for the nearest future. We, the people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic, are ready to face the enemy carrying death to us and our children. But we sincerely hope that the international community will not stand aside and will react at our call for help, as it is more than evident that the fascist monster that shrugs and hits us today will go further tomorrow, fed and led by the USA. Then the world will find itself on the threshold of a new global war. At the same time we certainly do not identify the establishment of the USA and a number of its European allies with the American and European peoples.

We also voice hope that the forces and persons who are responsible for mongering ethnic strife among the Slavs by means of manipulations, provocations, instigations and direct actions, including sponsorship, who back nationalist extremist organizations aiming at launching military, economic, informational and genetic strikes at our people, are fully aware that they will inevitably carry a just punishment, proportionate to the scale of their atrocities and war crimes.