The ELP condemns the attitude of EU in the Ukraine conflict and calls for the dialogue under UN rules


We are witnessing the emergence of a Nazi State fostered by the USA and the EU in Ukraine. Yesterday conflict in Odessa and other east Ukraine cities with nearly 50 victims shows the protagonist behaviour of Nazi groups under the guidance of Kiev.

The split that Ukraine society is living has been influenced by the willingness of USA and the EU to go against Russia deploying all kind of measures in order to isolate that country in a kind of Cold War revival.

It is just the opposite to what should be recommended if peaceful coexistence was the desired aim.

One hundred years after the First World War, Europe should not play with fire but on the contrary would favour diplomatic and peaceful solutions to all kind of international crisis.

The ELP condemns the attitude of the EU on this conflict and also the brutal behaviour of Kiev and urges all parts to solve the differences under the principle of dialogue within the rules of the UN.